Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Chapter GA-D

Gainesville, GA

I had ridden off & on for many years, but hadn’t had a bike for about 10 years. I actually won a bike produced by the “dark side”. I was a member of their club for a few years, but became disenchanted with the way their meetings were handled and the politics that continued to rear its ugly head every time a new board member was elected so I didn’t renew my membership.


I wasn’t a club member with anyone for a couple of years until I ran across GWRRA. I did some research, liked their motto & how their members embrace the ideas. I’ve been a member of Chapter GA-D now for 3 years and thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and all the different rides each month. I am currently the Quartermaster and the bodyguard for our chapter mascot, Roadie.


The training we receive as members and the fun we have is just a small part of what you get when you join this organization. I highly recommend them to any riders I come in contact with when I’m riding or even when I’m my 4-wheel vehicle and meet other riders either stopped to get fuel or at a restaurant.


Wayne Sanders


Georgia Chapter D