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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

As motorcyclists, it is often difficult to understand how motorists (those of the 4-wheel variety), cannot be aware of motorcycles. Regardless, evidence proves to us time after time that this is the case. “I didn’t see them!” is the most common phrase that we hear over and over again. There primary theory I repeatedly hear is that, since a motorcycle is smaller than a car… and since there are so many fewer motorcycles on the road than cars, drivers just don’t tend to see us. Certainly, there must be some truth to that; perhaps driver distraction (cell phones, radios, being in a hurry, and other things) play a big part in this too.

Regardless, as a motorcyclist, I wonder about things I can do to make drivers more aware of us… more visible to them. Of course, many of us hang all sorts of lights to our motorcycle to make it more visible. Some of us also wear bright “Safety Colors”. These things, however, are passive in nature.

This month, some GWRRA Chapters (and other motorcycle groups too) will have a more active campaign to try and reach motorists (mentally that is) to look for motorcycles. Some will man water stations at rest stops or sponsor small events trying to get an opportunity to speak with motorist… and to convey that we share the road with them… and to look for us. Heck, as I write this, a few of us from Chapter D are preparing to man a table at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Motorcycle Safety Day in Cumming.

Still there is more we can do… and it is easy. When you are on your motorcycle and stop at a gas pump… or at a restaurant… or at a scenic stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there always seems to be a motorist that will look at your motorcycle. Take the opportunity to engage in a brief discussion. Often times, I find it easy to talk about all my lights, my safety jacket with its armor, my helmet… and why (gently mentioning distracted motorists) I always wear all of this gear. Yes, some may not pay attention. But, if we can reach just one here and one there, those numbers can add up. Perhaps, we can make a difference in helping to keep all of us just a bit safer. Think about it.

Until our next FUN ride together, ride safely, and HAVE FUN!

Connie Woodmansee

Chapter Director

GWRRA Chapter GA-D  



We meet at the Golden Corral 2025 Market Place Blvd - Cumming GA 30041. Come there at 9:00 AM and have breakfast with us and the meeting starts at 10:00 AM.

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